Next Session Starting: Intermediate TRX Starts March 7 to Apr 11, Thursdays 6-7pm, runs for 6 weeks

Success for Any Goal

From beginners to pros, runners to golfers, new moms to seniors... Our Suspension Workouts are created for every type of individual, and can be adjusted "on the fly" for every level, regardless of where you are starting off. 

 If you have a goal, we can help you reach it.
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In order to receive the Active Members rate, you must have an Active Membership, which must remain active for the duration of the TRX program. 

Also, active members must maintain a 60% attendance in the TRX program. This prevents members from signing up with their discount and taking a spot, and then not showing up!

The Perfect Start Into Your
TRX Journey
Our specially tailored Beginner TRX group class is the perfect start to your strength, mobility, flexibility and total body confidence journey. 

In this class, you'll learn all the basic techniques, start to get a good understanding for your bodies ability to adjust for your own current fitness level, and build excellent base-strength to get your foundation ready for optimal improvement. 

This Beginner program is a PREREQUISITE to the next Intermediate TRX program. But don't worry, many students repeat this program many times!

What that means is you MUST have taken this program through us in order to register for the Intermediate TRX program, which will be running in a few weeks, after this round. 
Now You Are Ready To
Break Plateaus
After successfully completing the Beginner TRX program, you have the physical foundation, as well as the mental confidence, to dive deeper into your health and fitness journey through Suspension Training. 

The Intermediate Class takes the foundation you've built, and adds a significant degree of advancement to put that very base you've built to the test! 

If you're ready to push your body to the next level, sculpting and defining your body as you go, and creating an unstoppable mindset as you master new techniques and feel your strength increase, this is the class for you. 

The Final Chapter To 
Total Body TRX
After successfully completing both the Beginner TRX program and the Intermediate TRX programs, you are now (maybe!) ready for the Advanced TRX class! 

We say maybe, because this class is NOT for the mentally - and physically - weak. And, we say that with the most love possible. 

This class demands a high level of physical strength to achieve the most powerful and advanced techniques, combined with the mental strength and confidence to put yourself in positions that push your body to the max. 

This class requires a serious commitment to TRX mastery, and a strong drive to push your body to it's limits. 

Why Suspension Training?
 Results You Can See!
TRX Suspension Training uses a new approach to body-weight training that engages significantly more muscle groups at a time, providing you with a fantastic total body workout, while sculpting and toning your body in a uniform and even way. 
  • Quick Usable Strength Improvement
  • Improved Balance, Flexibility and Mobility
  •  Easily Adjustable To Every Individual
  •  Low Impact And Easier On The Joints
  •  Easy To Follow Classes

Intermediate Registration's Are Now Open, But Space Is Limited!

Meet Your Seasoned Suspension Training Coach

Ever walk into a gym, and be stumped and overwhelmed with the dozens of different types of machines and ways to use them? 

Well, with Suspension Training, we keep it super simple. 

Utilizing Suspension Training Straps, Coach Shelley will guide you through your workout, coaching you every step of the way. 

Shelley has been training, guiding and coaching Suspension Training for well over a decade, and has mastered the art of taking you from where you are, to where you want to go, and beyond. 

If you've been looking for your next passion that drives you to be the best version of yourself possible, without having to throw dumbbells around, this is for you!

Saying Goodbye To The Family Kickboxing Era, 
And Welcoming A New World Of BOLD FITNESS.

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